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Back to School ideas and hacks to help you pass the time and solve all of your problems.
Let’s face it, we all disliked school at one point in life, and most of us didn’t know all those fantastic hacks that will help make our life more comfortable and save time. In this video, I show you some brilliant tips and tricks every student must try in school.
If you’ve accidentally written something on a whiteboard with a permanent marker, you can easily remove it by scribbling on top with a regular whiteboard marker. After you’re done, you just gotta use the eraser to wipe it clean, and voila.
Sometimes in school, they give us more books than we anticipated that day – and that leaves us with no way to carry them home with us. If you’ve been in that situation, I show you a simple way to turn your hoodie into a useful backpack.
Watch the entire video to find out smart ways to cheat on a test and many more useful hacks for everyday life.

1:18 – Having the “flu” – makeup trick
2:53 – How to organize your locker
4:24 – The best way to cheat on a test
7:17 – A good way to watch videos in class
8:21 – A genius way to multiply large numbers

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