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Does your child have questions about bullies or bullying? Lupi learns how to deal with a preschool bully with the help of his older Junior and their friends. Sometimes kids need to learn how to deal with scary situations on their own, and to learn how to find the courage to stand up to a playground or school bully. Lupi teaches kids how to be brave, and that sometimes being kind is all it takes to change a bully to a friend!

Teachers and parents can use this story to help kids learn how to deal with a bully, how not to be a bully, and how to show kindness and empathy towards others.

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Just because we named it Minecraft Live doesn’t mean that you can’t watch it over and over and over again whenever you want. Check out the 2020 edition of our annual celebration of all things Minecraft, featuring new updates, exciting announcements, mob votes, and more! Read more at

Available with American Sign Language

00:00 Start
00:11:00 Community Pre-Show
0:22:00 Main Show
0:29:34 Lush Caves
0:32:45 Dripleaf Plant
0:34:00 Improved cave generation
0:36:24 Dripstone Caves
0:37:47 Sculk Sensor / Wireless Redstone
0:40:24 The Warden
0:46:40 Max Brooks – new novel The Mountain
0:47:30 Goats, mountains, powder snow
0:48:40 Mob Vote Intro
0:51:35 Adventures in Minecraft Earth
0:53:46 Grian & Mumbo Jumbo’s Minecraft Earth Road Trip
0:55:40 Showreel
0:56:39 Mob Vote Round 1
0:58:11 Minecraft Dungeons
1:03:19 Minecraft Dungeons Crossplay Demo & Howling Peaks DLC (more goats!)
1:09:20 Minecraft Education Edition Global Challenge
1:11:55 Minecraft Education “Good Trouble”
1:13:39 Game Design & Beyond with Jeb
1:22:08 Mr Sakurai presents “Steve & Alex” in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
1:24:38 Block by Block – Kosovo
1:28:44 Element Animation’s Nether Ballet
1:29:53 Mob Vote Results Round 1
1:31:01 Minecraft Marketplace Creator Tools
1:45:23 CAVES & CLIFFS Part 2 and Games for Peace
1:47:25 Crystals and Amethyst Geodes
1:49:42 Telescope
1:50:28 Copper
1:53:02 Lightning Rod
1:55:10 Bundles
1:57:57 The Art Team
2:00:29 Archeology System
2:04:30 Axolotls – the cutest predator you’ll ever meet!
2:08:51 Update recap
2:11:01 Mob Vote Results

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