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Dragon Nest M Hack is an online game that’s free to download and play. Players use violence to defeat enemies and fight others. The game also has some sexually suggestive costumes. As with most Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG), this game has a quick reward system and fast action, cute graphics, voice overs, and cut scenes with plenty of storytelling. It is a compelling game that kids can get drawn into, thus losing track of time while playing. Parents also need to know that there is both Player versus Environment (PvE) as well as Player versus Player (PvP) combat in the game.
Kids entering Altera, the world of Dragon Nest Hack, will immediately choose between four classes which have fixed genders, and then view a short movie tutorial before entering one of two starter towns which are pre-determined by the class choice. Players don’t learn the backstory of the world; instead they learn the character’s story, and the quests are very much story-driven, one leading to the next. Players learn how to play the game as they go forward in the story.
Dragon Nest M Cheat is a fast paced, combat heavy game in which success relies on knowledge of what each skill does and when to use them. Combat is a cross of positional and combo-based fighting which imparts a good deal of excitement. The quests combine story and cut-scenes that are closely linked to the character so that players are revisiting characters they have previously interacted before, creating a more immersive experience. Depth is provided with two sub-class choices as players progress, and access to Player vs Player combat at level 10 and further challenges at level 15. Further, like many other MMOs, raids of various “Nests” like Minotaur and the name-sake Dragon are available for teams of players to partake in.

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