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Who said that magic doesn’t exist? So how would you explain the magic pointer wand, the sorting hat and glittering potions? How can you make magic on your own? Watch and learn in our new video!

Supplies and
• Long candles
• Plastic tube
• Chalk
• Skewers
• Hot glue gun
• Magnet
• Twine
• Acrylic paints
• Feather
• Fishing line
• Plastic sphere
• Sponge
• Toy wings
• Brush
• Paper clips
• Rubber frog
• Utility knife
• Pencil sharpener
• Brown spray paint
• Paper
• Notebook
• Double sided tape
• Parchment paper
• Sealing wax
• Stamp
• Velcro
• Decorative vials
• Coloring powder
• Glitter
• Clear glue
• Cork
• Hat template
• Thick felt
• Fusible interfacing
• Sponge
• Silicone glue stick
• Eye pin
• Chain

Tobu – Candyland

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