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How to Earn Gems Without Hacking | Updated | School Of Dragons

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Hi Everyone,
So this is a updated video on how to earn gems without hacking in school of dragons. It is more useful from the previous video, because you do not need to create g-mail accounts, again and again. Using Incognito (Private Window) in Google Chorme, Mac so it works successfully and better.
1. Login to School Of Dragons
2. Enter a email of your choice at
3. Click on the store and click on “Earn Gems and More”
4. Click on “Invite Friends” and “Email Invite”
5. Type the Yopmail that you have entered in
6. Send that invite to your new Yopmail account
7. On the Yopmail page, click “Check For New Mails”
8. You should have received a new mail
9. Click “Play Now” in the mail
10. Fill in the required info
11. Logout from your new account and login to your main one
12. Gems!
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School of Dragons: Dragons 101 – The Fire Terror
Official Discord (Open to all):

A ‘new’ dragon has arrived at the School called the Fire Terror, a stoker class dragon first seen in Race to the Edge.

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