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School of Dragons Hack | 🔥 How To Get Free Gems

You can use the school of dragons Hack to get unlimited amount of energy, gems and coins. When using this mod menu you can see that even when I don’t have any gems or coins I can still unlock new spells or other items. With gems I’m also able to get as many energy as I want.

It can help you to speed up any process in the game. You no longer need to wait for energy to be refilled ever again. It’s also very important to mention that when using it you won’t need any additional school of dragons Cheats or tricks. If you are a player you already know how much can big amount of gems and coins help you in this game. It will be very easy to unlock new locations, spells or romance.

As you can see in the video, I’m using the android smartphone to show you how everything is working. I didn’t tested it on any iOS (iPhone, iPad) devices but since it is an school of dragons mod apk it’s probably only for android mobile devices.

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