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How to get gems in School Of Dragons

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In this video i run you through, how to Use NoxAppPlayer and GameGuardian To speed hack gems on School of dragons.

Nox Download :

( when you download GameGuardian on Nox, be sure to Download the APK version, so it can run with Nox…) Video Shows you how to do

With the new httyd movie, i knew there would be new players to School Of Dragons (Such as myself) And would be looking to get some cool dragons ingame, the problem is they cost gems, which can only be acquired by payment, this is an easy fix to that issue. I tried to make the video very easy and simple to understand, i hoped this video helped people who had trouble using Game Guardian/Nox, and also for those who wanted gems but didnt want to pay the Ridiculous Price… Thanks for watching!

School of Dragons hack – How to get Gems for Free in school of dragons

Hey everyone this has been quite a time for me i love this game but sometimes you just feel like nothing can be done without spending a lot of money which frankly quite a lot of us don’t have. It can be really frustrating. So much to the point that some of us make hacks so we can play school of dragons without having to compromise.

• Fly dragons and race against your friends in over 30 courses!
• Hatch and collect dragons in your stables and send them out on dragon missions to bring back treasure and loot!

This game is awesome theres no denying about that but however we need to face some facts about it. It is no secret that it is a pay to win model which makes it very hard for any common player such as me and you to have to ounce to chance at being the best. You cannot compete with anyone unless you have a lot of gems. Which is why using this cheat is essentially justified.

Now lets talk about the elephant in the room. Is this safe? The simple answer is yes. But if you want the explanation keep reading. This tool uses a special AES 256 encryption to send data requests to the server which makes it impossible to backtrack the location which means once you get the gems they are completely yours. School of dragons cannot see that you gained a lot of gems quickly and that’s the key secret. The creators of this hack also employ proxies which add additional layer of security.

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