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How to Level Up Using Life Hacks Tech Tools Social Media and Psychedelics | The Jim Fannon Show

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During hard times it becomes especially important for entrepreneurs to level up and leverage all the emerging tech tools, marketing & sales strategies, habits, and mindfulness techniques available. I hold nothing back as Jim Fannon interviews me days before the COVID-19 pandemic froze the world and forced people to look inwards and outwards. You have likely been forced to rewire your thinking and business in this new digital era of physical distancing so watch this interview for ideas on how to expedite that while keeping a calm and creative mind.

There is no better interview to watch to understand what makes me tick and how my journey of entrepreneurship has shaped who I am today and where I plan to take my staff, partners, and customers.

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0:00 Getting back into Track and Field as an adult
2:21 Life outside of Space, Travel, Spanish Citizenship
3:44 Reflecting on the Dragons’ Den experience
4:45 Introduction to how Level Up Mortgages sprouted out of our marketing agency, Tangoo
6:20: What is Level Up Mortgages and why it’s different in its educational approach
8:45 Practice what you preach
10:15 Observing the way Millennials and Gen Z buy homes
13:27 Where do you find most of your customers?
15:18 How to engage new referral partners by adding extra value
16:06 How Level Up Mortgages is different from others
18:27 The world of Psychedelics and Stillness
22:10 Microdosing and using Psychedelics for your professional development
24:09 What social media platforms produce the best return on investment
27:30 What conversion rates can someone in professional services expect from lead gen?
29:10 New modern-age tools for better sales and marketing success
29:55 Using Messenger Bot marketing to better engage new leads
30:45 Productivity Apps I have now on my Harvest, Slack, Power Dialers, Overcast App, Waking Up Meditation App
32:18 Meditating 1500 days in a row with Headspace and Sam Harris’ Waking Up App
33:25 Life Hacks I use Brain hacks with Jim Qwik, Pomodoro Timer, the Dream Google Calendar
38:10 Technology and entrepreneurship coaching with referral partners and agency clients
41:30 Kobe Bryant and his mantra around not negotiating with yourself – how to follow through on goals
42:28 Book recommendations on habit Atomic Habits, The Power of Habit, Why we sleep
45:20 How LinkedIn A.I Marketing landed Paul this interview with Jim Fannon!
47:58 Closing thoughts from Jim Fannon and how this interview impacted him

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