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How To Utilize Classic Dungeon Clichés To Create Awesome Dungeons

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Dungeons are a classic part of Dungeons and they’re in the title of the game itself. Dungeon exploration formed the beginning environment of playing the game at its inception in the 70’s, and it’s still fertile ground for great storylines and battles. But dungeons as conceived for the game mechanics of D&D don’t conform to the real world in ways that can make seem hackneyed and illogical, and these lead to clichés that are often mocked by experienced players.

I love running in dungeons, but I also recognize how they can seem illogical when created for purposes of gameplay as opposed to their real world functions in the past. I identify five clichés of dungeon design and play, with the idea that when GM’s have a clear sense of how and why these came about, they can use the truisms of clichés to create fun dungeons while avoiding the bad practices they can signify.

I talk about dungeons that would never really be built, monsters in every room, how the depth of a dungeon determines monster challenge rating, how monsters seem to appear from nowhere and the attempts to justify creatures living in dungeons through the creation of a dungeon ecology.

In each instance of these clichés I point out how much story development can reduce the absurdity and illogic that creates them, while enhancing the game play aspects that helped to bring them about from a game mechanic sense.

In this way your players can enjoy some of the classic aspects of traditional, and traditionally absurd, vast networks of hallways, chambers, secret doors and traps, an endless variety of monsters and NPC’s with which to interact, and a semblance of verisimilitude to go with the usual suspension of disbelief.


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