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HTTYD – School Of Dragons – Dreadfall Maze Glitch And Speedrun

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(This video is outdated! Updated version, here:
This was rushed and sloppily put together, my apologies.

Happy Early Dreadfall! (2018)
Is the Flight Of Passage maze (Loki’s Maze), still closed off for you?
Look no further, here’s a speedrun of how to get into the entrance through a glitch and the complete maze itself.
(I’m well aware that this maze is outdated and gives you an older prize. Hence the reason why it may still be locked.)
Feel free to pause any part of the video if you need help memorizing any of the stages. Best of luck!

Song Used: Halloween Hip-Hop Horror Music – Creepy Music Box Beat

*Disclaimer: All rights go to JumpStart Games for the School Of Dragons game and content. As the song is rightfully owned to Halloween Horror Music. I am only responsible for my own edits and works!*

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