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HTTYD – School Of Dragons – Map Glitches, Icon Tricks, Free Camera Mode, Codes And More! (Re-Upload)

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HTTYD - School Of Dragons - Map Glitches, Icon Tricks, Free Camera Mode, Codes And More! (Re-Upload)

*Available in 1080p*

(Re-uploaded from original post. See pinned comment below.)
Here is a combination video that goes over multiple glitches within the game (not all of them).
How the “free camera mode” works, some hidden features, computer hotkeys, and free codes.

Dragon Icon Restoration Details:
Converting mobile-generated icons, to computer. For cleaner, more textured, high quality icons.
This can be performed for already computer-generated icons as well, if you wish to tone the brightness.

Tip 1: If you were to change your dragon’s colors, apply a saddle/paint, or titan them, know that you must repeat this trick in order for the icon to take effect again.
Warning! Once you convert mobile to computer, do not make any changes to the dragon while on mobile again. This will cause the icon to permanently stay stuck on mobile, ruining your progress!

Tip 2: For baby dragons that you would like to permanently keep as babies, visit the correct map and “change its colors” (spend 15 gems, but don’t touch the palette) to take effect.

Tip 3: If you hatched/raised/titaned/applied a saddle or paint to a dragon over the Steam version of the game, make your changes to that version. If you have done all the above on the download version, then proceed to make changes on that version. If you switch them up, it could cause the icon to get “stuck” and never be able to change again.

Tip 4: Maps determine the brightness.
It is best to pick the correct map for icon restoration.
Hatchery – For the darkest of dragons.
Wilderness – For normal lighting.
Explore The Sea – For similar lighting to Wilderness, but less bright.
Training Grounds – For toning down the brightest of dragons.

Songs Used:
Endless Summer Mix 2017 (feat. Indie Nation)

*Disclaimer: All rights go to JumpStart Games for the School Of Dragons game and content. As the songs are rightfully owned by CloudKid and Indie Nation. I am only responsible for my own edits and works!*

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