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I have had enough of people telling me about my shitty cryptocurrency portfolio. Because of this I am issuing a CHALLENGE. You guys are going to pick out a portfolio and go head to head with my portfolio for results over the next month. Only a few simple rules

– Portfolio will have 5 coins, 30/25/20/15/10% of the portfolio each
– Coins have to be on Bittrex or Binance
– We will revote every week to change positions
– Our biggest holding has to be a top 10 coin
– Our worst holdings has to be below the top 100

Here is how the process works. I will ask you guys to nominate coins in the chat. The 4 most active ones will be selected. I will then tweet a poll asking everyone to vote for which coin to add to the portfolio. The winner of that poll is added. ONCE A COIN LOSES A TWITTER VOTE, IT CANNOT BE NOMINATED AGAIN.

You can compare how you guys are doing against me HERE

Lose the challenge? You guys suck
Win the challenge? I am going to give away 10% of the profits you made me (thanks btw)

LETS DO THIS. Make sure to follow to VOTE for your FAVORITE COIN!

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