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New Easter Update 1.40.13 Android | Dragons Rise of Berk

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Vikings, Berk’s yearly Thawfest Egg Hunt is back! Complete the Hunt and receive an exclusive Dragon. This update also introduces the adorable baby Night Lights which will be available as Limited Events!

*🐉NEW Night Lights!
– Available as Limited Events (Exploration, Collection and Gauntlet);
– Can be placed on Radiant Meadows next to the Light Fury once their islands are built and fully upgraded to lvl 2;
– Can collect Fish, Wood, Iron and Defend Berk.
— These baby Dragons cannot be used in Brawl and are too young to explore on their own.

*🐉NEW Rare Slitherwing and Grim Gnasher!;
*NEW Premium Syringaca (Premium Triple Stryke) and Goldrush (Premium Armorwing).

*NEW Thawfest Egg Hunt — Collect 25 Easter Eggs to obtain a new exclusive Damsail egg!.

*NEW Amber
– Spring Statue – generate resources over time, but generate more quickly during its own season. The prizes Runes, Fish, Wood, Iron, Collectibles, Raw and Polished Amber, Sage Fruit, Action Rush, Mystery Pack and Bronze Token Pack;
– Chicken Statue – Increase gathering efficiency of all Chicken;
– Boneknapper Statue – Increase gathering efficiency of all Boneknapper type Dragons;
– Armorwing Statue – Increase gathering efficiency of all Armorwing type Dragons;
– Windstriker Statue – Increase gathering efficiency of all Windstriker type Dragons

* NEW Dragon Flocks added to the Book of Dragons
* NEW Gauntlet
– Edge Supply Run (Mar 23 – Apr 3)
– Shock ‘n’ Knock (Apr 7 – 20)
– Patrol Pursuit (Apr 25 – 29)
– Bright Might (May 3 – 16)
– Go to The Great Beyond (May 20 – 27)

* They absolutely fixed some bugs/glitches.

For more information about this update check out this link

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