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The Frost of Snoggletog has overcome Berk! Welcome the snow and meet the NEW Legendary Dragon, Flocks, Costumes and fight with NEW abilities in Brawl mode!

* NEW Legendary Crimson Goregutter.
* Night Lights now have their own
– Ruffrunner (Night Light #1);
– Pouncer (Night Light #2);
– Dart (Night Light #3).
* NEW Costumes for the Night Lights and Sleuther, available only from the limited time special card pack.
* NEW Heroic Dragons in the Brawl Mode, including Sleuther, Skullcrusher, Hookfang, Barf & Belch, Stormfly, and Meatlug.
* NEW Premium Sweet-Stripe (New Premium Slitherwing), Steam-spewer (New Premium Scauldron).
* NEW Snoggletog Feast — Collect 25 Snowman parchments to obtain a new exclusive Dreadel egg.
* NEW Amber
– Singetail Statue – Increase gathering efficiency of all Singetail type Dragons;
– Crimson Goregutter Statue – Increase the Legendary’s Boost Effect by an additional 10% for a total of +30% on Fish & Wood gathering;
– Dragon Trainer Statue – Train Dragons at the Academy and Dragon’s Edge Academy for less time;
– Gather All Statue – Collect all your Dragons’ gathered resources in one action;
– Fall Statue — generate resources over time, but generate more quickly during its own season. The prizes Runes, Fish, Wood, Iron, Collectibles, Raw and Polished Amber, Sage Fruit, Action Rush, Mystery Pack and Bronze Token Pack.

* NEW Dragon Flocks added to the Book of Dragons
* NEW Gauntlet Events (Coming Soon)
* They absolutely fixed the bugs/glitches.

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