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Read Desc. First How to get the Light Fury permanently for FREE with Charles | School of Dragons

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Why I should upload this extreme stuff? Because some vikings/people needed it to trying not to waste their gems or money just joining for a membership. Although, this video is just only for entertainment purpose and this video is based on people’s requests. If you’re a fair player and hate this video, just go and dislike it. It’s fine for me.

In this video, I’m gonna be showing you the tutorial how to permanently get the Light Fury for free in VERY EXTREME WAY (w/o membership) with Charles.


the ingredients you must
– Your PC/Laptop;
– School of Dragons;
– Your account;
– Empty Viking slot;
– Charles Web Debugging Proxy (latest version).

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the song I used is Soulless 5 (Director’s Cut) by ExileLord

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the next video/how to hack toothless


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