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Rime of the Frostmaiden DMs Guide Chapter 2 Part 4 Id Ascendant & Jarlmoot

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We continue our treck through chapter 2 of the 5th edition module “Iceiwnd Rime of the Frostmaiden.” We go over two of my most favorite locations of the book, the Id Ascendant and Jarlmoot, and how you can hook your players to get there.

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Additional Ythryn Encounters & Lore

Added Rumor Table for Icewind

Added Secrets for Character

Rime of the Frostmaiden

0:00 Intro to Id Ascendant
3:50 Our own hooks to Id Ascendant
7:36 Nautiloid Down
8:13 Roleplaying the Ceremorphs
9:10 Roleplaying the Squidlings
9:30 Distress Signal
10:14 Aproaching the Nautiloid
13:48 Nautiloid Deck
14:37 Cargo Hold & Handling Sci-fi
18:50 Cryogenic Stasis Pods
19:11 Battle Deck
20:35 Maintenance & Life Support
21:56 Propulsion room
22:15 Bridge
25:19 Observation Deck
25:40 Captains Quarters
27:50 About the ceremorphs and giving the players a quest
32:24 Changing the Sci-fi
33:45 Bullete Proof
35:00 Final thoughts on Id Ascendant
37:43 Intro to Jarlmoot
40:50 Our own hooks to Jarlmoot
42:38 Aproaching the Jarlmoot
44:10 Ring of Thrones
49:48 Hall of Braziers
53:10 Curved Tunnel
52:22 Turn the Gold Key?
55:48 Chamber of Chests
58:10 Leaving the Jarlmoot
Final thoughts and changes to Jarlmoot

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