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School of Dragons Cave Adventure Finding a Whispering Death Egg

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My starting and completion of SoD’s newest adventure, riding on the back of my Short Wing Rumblehorn! Featuring an interruption from my Monstrous Nightmare, Calvin, and more obnoxious visitors! In this video, you get to see what it’s like to go through the newest area in SoD, which you can in fact return to afterwards!

This video also features a contest, which is the same as last time, if you recall. The rules are that you must provide 3 colors for the Whispering Skin color (the main body), Details (the belly color), and Pattern (the colors of the spike tips). You also must create a name that corresponds to these colors, and it must begin with an S! Ex. Ocean Blue. Turquoise. Sky Blue. Sharktail (don’t use that, it’s my Night Fury OC)
Prefixes that you cannot Shark, Sling, Sweet, Skull, Screech, Sonic, Spike, Sea, Storm, and Sky. The only reasoning behind this is that I already have OC’s with those prefixes (and many more, but I shall make exceptions)

In case you didn’t hear, the question of the day is “Are you afraid of spiders?” I’m curious to know, because that will make your doing of this quest all the more harder.

I’m sorry for my change of rules in the Wing Ranks, but here they are
-You must be subscribed to me. That way you can continuously up-rank yourself and keep updated with what’s going on in my channel
-You must like the video. There’s really no way of me telling if you did, but it helps me and it helps you.
-PLEASE COMMENT ON THE ACTUAL VID! That way I know who to upgrade, and who actually watched my video.
-You cannot go back to past videos to get a higher rank. Once I post a new video, any more comments on my older ones won’t count towards anything, except for being nice 🙂

Current ranks being
Tiny Tooth Speed Stinger

Thanks again, and have a fabulous Wing’s Weekend, as I hope to post a Rise of Berk video for you all!

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