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I’m so sorry for along time haven’t make any videos
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How To Hack Toothless Full

How To Root

The Best Video I Ever Made

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For this
-you actually had to repeat every single time when you go to the other map.
-you can still play mini games( Thunder Run Racing) with Toothless.
-you can still level up Toothless as usual.
-it also works with the light fury as well(membership dragons)

Do keep in mind that…
– I’m an Android user so I’m not sure for iOS users. ( iOS doesn’t work Thank you Xxpast Yt for the info)
-This glitch will work on laptops if u use the ‘esc’ button (thank you lightninghunters-gaming for the info!!! check out that
-Don’t change your dragon unless you really want to use a new dragon or not you need membership to activate both dragons.
-You can use both dragons as active dragons, but you can’t use for stable quest unless you purchase the membership.

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