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School of Dragons Redeem Codes List January 2021 | School of Dragons Redeem Codes

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School of Dragons Redeem Codes List January 2021 | School of Dragons Redeem Codes

These codes may expire after the expiry date. So we don’t know when these codes will expire. Hurry and claim your rewards in game. Just put these codes provided inside the video and get amazing gifts with these new redeem codes.
Never blame or comment badly, if you watched this video too late. Because at the time of this video publication all codes are working perfect.

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For vikings/people who want to know to get Toothless and Light Fury without paying a real money, here, in this video I’ll show you the legit way how to get your own Toothless and Light Fury.

The ingredients you must
– Your account that doesn’t even have a mystery stable;
– 300 gems (very important lol);
– Mystery Stable (find the hidden treasure to get 300 more gems);
– a 7-day Trial Membership.

Mini Q&
How do you get those gems?
Basically you can earn gems, such email invite (each invite will get you 50 gems, maximum 5 invites, so it’s 250 gems total), daily rewards, gems ticket from stable quests, watching an ad video (only for Android & iOS), gold mystery box ticket from winning the battle event, and completing all Cogs and Contraptions minigame levels (must have a Secret of the Leviathan expansion pack first).

Will I lose them if my 7-day trial membership runs out?
They’ll still remain, but you cannot use them until you renew the membership back to activate them back.

Will my Light Fury be reset back to level 1 if I renew it?
no, like I said, it still remains, even you renew it. Your level of your Light Fury is still in its current level.

If I create an account, can I get 300 more gems in mystery stable?
Yes, you can get 300 gems only once per account if your vikings in your account don’t have a mystery stable, except one of your vikings that has already a mystery stable. You can’t get them again.

You can renew the trial membership on PC/Steam/Mac and Android, the trial option will appear back at the store once the trial membership has been expired. Except you can’t renew it again on iOS or iPadOS, it won’t appear back once it’s expired.

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