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Now look, I know it’s Wednesday, but it’s not my fault SoD decided to update on a not-Friday day. At least this is my vacation week. And besides, surely skipping out on tons of episodes means I can skip out on one measly Winged Wednesday, right?

For those who follow just my YouTube and not my Google+… What? How did you even do that? Anyway, I posted earlier today, (4/20) that there was an announcement that the next season of Race to the Edge will contain more secrets of the dragon eye and cool new dragons, such as an entirely albino species and the baby version of an old favorite dragon! Feel free to speculate in the comments, OR about what Titans or new dragons may be coming in the next SoD updates.

If you read this description, incorporate “pickles” in your comment. This is a test of awesomeness. Thanks all you COOL Winged Ones. You know who you are. Since you are reading this right now.


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