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What happened if I don’t cancel the subscription?
School of Dragons will start charging you money after finishing the free trial.

Will the map opened even after the trial membership?
I’m not really sure cause I use gems to buy all the expansions

Can iOS user do the same thing?
I’m not an iOS user so I don’t know, but I think it’s the same.(not sure)

Can pc or laptop do the same thing?
Not sure as well, cause I don’t play School of Dragons on laptop or pc.

After cancelling the subscription, does alpha toothless skin will still activate when I buy the gems membership?
I never tried that, but next week will be a new video showing you how to renew your membership for free, just watch that better than wasting gems.

I’m using a non valid email to sign up the account, can I subscribe too?
Of course! Google detects your email that is valid for play store.

What should I do if my gems glitched and went missing?
Please make sure that the account doesn’t consists any gems hacking or gems glitching, then report it to School of Dragons and show them your screenshot of the subscription as proof.

Is it possible if I use other types of billing system like credit cards?
It’s possible, but I’m not recommending it as more and more hackers online these days.

Can I screen record the subscription?
Yes! It is recommended in case anything glitches and School of Dragons had removed the benefits. At least you have a video proof or photo proof for them.

These are the questions and answers that will possibly asked from all of you. Please comment any questions that aren’t available on top and I will answer it. Please don’t repeat questions that I’ve written on the top. Read before you comment.(irrelevant answers will be removed)

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