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SoD Tips #5 Ways to get free dragons NO HACK 11.11.15 School of Dragons

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Here are some ways to get free dragons (so far). Yeah for 3 of these you need to have the expansions, but still they are free dragons 🙂 And like I’ve told to so many people already, back when I got these expansion pack dragons, I was not a member, I saved my gems and bough the expansions. In these days getting gems free is really easy. Here is my gem video I made, if you want to check out the

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SoD Tips

Silent Partner – Bring It Back

Silent Partner – On The Table

Silent Partner – Wobble Theory

ALBIS – Moon Landings

Silent Partner – Strange Precident (Didn’t find a link to this one :3)
Riot – Donations

Silent Partner – Redhead From Mars

Hi everybody here Sod legend h4cker! Today with a skrill egg hack!The link is down there


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Song used in the Jingle Bells (Steve Wonder & Keanu Trap Remix)

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