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#1 Cookie Clicker Hack 2021 | All the Cookies ? Easy Cheat | Wipe Start Over

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Yeah Buddy! My son loves #cookieclicker and he taught me this #hack – if you want to choose the amount of cookies you have this is the cheat for you!


1. Right click
2. Click inspect
3. Open the Console Tab
4. Game.Earn(x) where x = the number of cookies you want
5. Press enter
6. Enjoy your cookies!

00:00 Start the hack
00:22 Game.Earn(x)
00:40 Look how many cookies!
00:44 Wipe the cookies away

With just one line of Python code, you can have unlimited score.

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School of Dragons | How To Find Code With Cheat Engine

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GIVE ME IDEAS,cause i ran out of them

Cheat Engine

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Hello people.This is the only working video in youtube.If you have problems,please like,subscribe and write down on comment section and i will do it for you if you couldn’t do it by yourself.

The mini game, Cogs, located on a ship at Impossible Island. The completion of all levels with three stars will give you 200 gems, so here is how you can do that!

Here is when the solution can be found within the
Level 1 – 0:7
Level 2 – 0:22
Level 3 – 0:36
Level 4 – 0:53
Level 5 – 1:51 (lol I wanted to test another way before using two cogs the second time…)
Level 6 – 2:13
Level 7 – 3:07
Level 8 – 3:43

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School of Dragons Hack and Cheat Follow instructions and get resources now

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School of Dragons Cheat // Part 2 Salmons Hack