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I do not own any rights to this game, or this method used.

Rooted android device only. Tested 11/29/17, works. Message me if you need assistance. If you don’t have a rooted device then message me I can still help, for a small small fee. Trust me or not idc, root your device and then download game guardian and follow along to my video.

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Stickman Warriors – Super Dragon Shadow Fight best fighting action role-playing game on Google Play.

This fighting game will give you a chance to become one of dbz heroes to fight z with enemies and protect everybody on earth. Enter into the arena and fight for the survival. If you love playing games then this is the game which will amaze you with the swift handling and amazing features.

With addictive gameplay z fighters, your enemies will upgrade their power and you have to fight for survival. To fight against the most DB Boss likes Ninja Black, Big Thunder lizards…, the shadow stick z fighter may need to upgrade your power to the highest level. We bet you will enjoy the abundant upgrades for and all your stickman heroes in the best action RPG fighting game.

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18 Items You Can Only Get With Commands In Minecraft 1.131.16+

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This video is an updated and newer version of the video I made a while back and I think I did a much better job with this one, about items you can only get with commands. Comment down below which item do you think is the best, the tutorials and commands to some of the items are

Command Block – /give @p
Chain Command Block – /give @p
Repeating Command Block – /give @p
Command Block In a Minecart – /give @p
Spawner – /give @p
Spawner In a Minecart – /summon
Barrier – /give @p
Jigsaw – /give @p
Structure Block – /give @p
Structure Void – /give @p
Debug Stick – /give @p
Knowledge Book – /give @p
Uncraftable Tipped Arrow – /give @p
Uncraftable Potion – /give @p
Uncraftable Splash Potion – /give @p
Uncraftable Lingering Potion – /give @p
Enchanted Book – /give @p
Written Book – /give @p

Structure block &



Thank you for watching, stay safe.
#minecraft #commands

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Merge Dragons Hack ⚡ Free Dragon Gems Glitch ⚡ GET 7200 Dragon Gems THE ONLY WORKING WAY

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Merge Dragons Hack ⚡ Free Dragon Gems Glitch ⚡ GET 7,200 Dragon Gems [THE ONLY WORKING WAY]

Hey guys! In this video I’ll be showing you this very cool merge dragons hack – You will get free dragon gems by doing this glitch. It’s very awesome and I hope you guys enjoy it. The video-guide is pretty easy to follow just make sure you do all the steps properly to get your Merge Dragons Hack working on Android/iOS.

Merge Dragons could be a comparatively new game for android and iOS free. We tend to naturally set to grow our dragons for ourselves and extremely enjoyed the gaming experience. Growing dragons could be a heap of fun! However, once you run out of dragon gems, the fun ends dead. However what if you will get dragon gems for free? There is square measure websites out there that supply cheats for Merge Dragons, however do those cheats extremely work? Let’s resolve.

In order to search out obtaining free dragon gems in Merge Dragons was potential through the employment of cheats we tend to set to check them out. We will share the results of our tests with you right now. That approach you will save yourself heaps of your time. Let’s begin.

If you guys enjoyed this tutorial make sure you subscribed, liked and commented down below. I worked really hard on this video and honestly hope you guys got the Merge Dragons Hack working!

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Only One CyberStein Needed / CyberStein LockDown OTK deck | YuGiOh Duel Links

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Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links – Cyber-Stein post-ban list Deck – Cyber-Stein with LP boost β skill – Cyber-Stein LockDown Deck – Cyber-Stein One Turn Kill Deck – Fun To Play – OTK Deck – Troll Deck – duel links decks – duel links Best deck 2020 – Yami Jesse #DuelLinks #YuGiOh #YuGiOhDuelLinks


Deck-list 1:35
#ShareDeck #DuelLinks

1 x Jinzo
2 x Unknown Synchron
1 x Cyber-Stein
1 x Genex Recycled
3 x Hack Worm
3 x Genex Controller
3 x Unexpected Dai
3 x Downbeat
3 x Transmodify

Optional cards

1 x Dark Cavalry
1 x Ojama King
1 x Barbaroid, the Ultimate Battle Machine
1 x Armades, Keeper of Boundaries
1 x Underworld Fighter Balmung
1 x Mist Bird Clausolas

LP boost β (skill)

– Welcome everyone, I am not new on YT I used to record Duel-Links soundtracks and make guide videos in my first channel until I realized that I cant monetize that channel because of the soundtracks, so this is my second Channel, hope you enjoy the contents and I would love to have you as a friend by Subscribing, thank you very much, Masen.

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