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This gameplay was recorded with my iPad. Sorry if the gameplay is snappy… 😛

Since the Abomibumble dragon in the early update on PC/Steam and Android version was a little bit glitchy, instead, I decided to record with my iPad to avoid risking some glitches like last months… but the point is the Abomibumble dragon update, incl. dragon bundles, are released early without having some major or visual glitches on iOS/iPadOS version.

I must have to do it whatever it takes… once again I’m sorry, gamer vikings! xDDDDDDDDDDD

This is the Abomibumble, the 7th new hybrid dragon in School of Dragons, after the Ridgesnipper. The Abomibumble is a hybrid/offspring dragon between the Gronckle and Monstrous Nightmare. The Abomibumble is also categorized as the Stoker class dragon.

* Combat (at Level 50):
Critical N/A

* Battle
Shot 8
Base 14
Critical 28
Fire N/A
Crit. Hit N/A
Rate of Moderate (1.0)

* Racing
Max Speed……… 7
Pitch Rate………. 5
Turn Rate………. 7.5
Acceleration….. 4.5

Abomibumbles, like their Gronckle forebearers, have four legs, multiple bumps on the back and tail, and a rounded face with a blunt nasal horn. These dragons also possess two pairs of short horns on their head and single claw-tipped wings — both of which are inherited from the Nightmare parent. ( HTTYD Wiki)

The Abomibumble is now trainable for all dragon riders. This new hybrid dragon can be acquired from purchasing the Abomibumble egg in the Store for 1000 gems (regular) or 800 gems (membership).

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