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The Boneknapper Full Growth + Battle Event feat. Sergeant Pugsly | School of Dragons

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Special thanks to Sergeant Pugsly for helping me to taking down the Outcast Scout Boat (battle event)…
…and thank you again, for accompanying me to growing up my Boneknapper to the titan stage at the Titan Island.

Took 29 hours in total of making this video…. 😥😥

Hatching the Boneknapper egg, adopting the baby Boneknapper, growing up the baby Boneknapper to adult stage, and growing up the adult Boneknapper to Titan stage.

Songs I used in this
Alan Walker – Fade [NCS Release]
Lensko – Cetus [NCS Release]
DM Galaxy – Paralyzed [NCS Release]
Ship Wrek & Zookeepers – Ark [NCS Release]

Hope you enjoyed the video! 😉
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