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Top 10 Free Apps and Websites for Learning Chinese

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Today we’re reviewing the best FREE apps for learning Chinese (mostly Mandarin, though you could use a few of these for other varieties of Chinese). They’re all amazing and all things I’ve personally used extensively — I’ve had to leave out some things like Memrise that I’ve heard amazing things about, only because I haven’t used them enough to feel confident in recommending them. And no endorsements either!

Note also that even if you’re not learning Chinese, you CAN use several of these apps and websites (including the #1 pick) for learning other languages, and my choices also might be interesting in terms of expressing how I’ve studied Chinese.

Thanks for visiting Ari in Beijing! I’ve honed my Mandarin Chinese to near native-level fluency through a variety of tips and tricks that I share with you each week. So whether you’re studying Mandarin, Cantonese, English, another language, or are simply interested in language in general, please subscribe and stick around for a while!

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